ICT Solutions for community resiliency.

Who we are

ProtectEU is a newborn startup incorporated during COVID pandemic event in late 2020, to provide concrete solutions to manage the pandemic event. Resilience is the keyword. ProtectEU provides tools and solutions to empower people and communities in reacting properly and gradually react gradually to unforeseen and unexpected events, relying on technology and the social dimension.

ProtectEU key products / solutions are:
- Mohmo: IoT phisycal token for contact tracing;
- GoSAFE: ICT solution for safe access to cultural, productive and mobility activities.

Our competences


ICT Consultancy in R&D projects.


Blockchain solution customer tailored in the Industry 4.0 an Smart Cities domain.

Automated Learning

Artificial intelligence applied to big data.

IoT and Sensor Networks

We provide advance IoT solution for different domains from the energy domain to the industry one.

Web based applications

Web based application using different technologies and hosting platforms.

Customer service

You will never be alone, we will provide our professional services to manage your products.

Mobile applications

We design and develop you customized app for iOS and Android.

AR and social marketing

Design and implementation of geo-targeting, cuponing and gaming services associated with direct marketing actions.

Our Projects

Where we are